Landecor, LLC is the newest and leading commercial landscaping company serving Greater Houston and all of Texas.

Our Story

Landecor was born out of a need to deliver the highest quality environments to our customers who demand the very best. Our customers desired to step away from the traditional “outsourced and contractor” relationship to deal directly with Landecor on every aspect of their project—bringing project, quality, and cost-control every step of the way.

As the newest member of the Millis family of companies, Landecor plays an integral role in bringing unparalleled value, skill, expertise, services, equipment, and tools to our customers. And as a member of the Millis companies we have access to complimentary services, equipment, and experience that means no compromise at every step in your project.

Our Mission & Vision

As a leader in our industry we bring the very best in people, skill, experience, equipment, tools, and services available to serve the commercial landscaping needs of businesses, propery developers, HOAs, municipalities, schools, and churches.

Our vision is to see your ideas and projects realized. That is, to make your plans for attractive, functional, and safe places for people to work and play.

Our mission is to earn your trust on every project and be your long-term partner by delivering what you need, how you need it, when and where you need it to be, and in a “no surprises” fashion.

Our Values

Landecor has established five key values that drive how we work with our customers, partner companies, and our employees. By us keeping to these standards, you’re assured of the very best project outcomes and customer experiences.

1. Raise the Bar.


Having integrity is about doing things the right way, not the easy way. It is showing up, being honest, and not cutting corners. It is our chance to raise the bar for industry and customer expectations.

2. Lean On Me.


As a family, we aim to support and uplift each other. It is being loyal, having each other’s back, and taking enjoyment from teamwork.

3. Make a Footprint.


Our team has the privilege of impacting our customer’s communities every day in a lasting manner. We take pride in our legacy and strive to improve the lives of our neighbors and customers.

4. Lead the Charge.


Our goal is to produce work at a high degree of excellence, with exacting standards, and great craftsmanship. We want our work to be distinguishable and recognized for the value we provide.

5. You Matter.


We value each life and it is imperative that we consistently provide a safe work atmosphere. Taking the steps to be safe on the job and setting an example for your peers, the industry, our customers, and the community is our primary purpose.

Our Founding Leadership

Jacob Willams — Vice President

Jacob Willams — Vice President

Jacob Williams is a Landscape professional with over 15 years of experience in the Greater Houston area. His broad expertise as a full-service, turnkey contractor sets him apart from other landscape contractors because of his commitment to customer service. While his primary focus is landscape, irrigation, and maintenance, Jacob’s knowledge expands to include concrete, masonry, shade structures, and more.

His previous experience includes designing, creating, and installing landscape projects ranging up to $5 Million in size and complexities that include underground drainage, splash pads, playground systems, entry monuments, and more. His core passion is delivering a quality product that his customers desire and deserve.

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The leading end-to-end, turnkey landscaping, hardscape, and softscape design, installation, and maintenance company serving commercial and residential property developers, medical, office, and industrial facility owners, municipalities, and institutional entities.

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