Landecor, LLC offers a comprehensive suite of services to meet virtually any landscaping, irrigation, drainage, masonry, fencing, sidewalk, playground, or maintenence need.

Complete Landscaping

Aesthetic beauty and functional safety are at the heart of our landscaping services. Both ensure you have commercial and municipal spaces that people want to view and engage in while staying safe from harm.

Landecor brings turnkey end-to-end landscape projects, keeping them simple by having all the skills, experience, and equipment “in-house.”

Best-in-Class Irrigation

An important part of great looking and safe landscapes is ensuring adequate water supply—without waste or leaks.

Landecor brings a wide range of irrigation services to establish and nourish turfgrass, shrubs, and plants to keep your landscapes looking their best.

Effective Maintenance

Whether at the end of a new project, or for existing landscaping environments, Landecor offers a full range of landscape maintenance services.

Our goal is to provide the best bed and turf management through regular maintenenace, debris removal, inspection and treatment for insects or disease, trimming, and generally keeping your property attractive and safe.

Landscape Drainage

Too much water is a bad thing, compromising turf and plant health along with creating hazards for people.

Landecor takes care of water hazards, pooling, poor drainage, and other contributors to over watered or saturated landscapes. We also look for common water sources that contribute to too much water such as building gutters and drains and irrigation systems that aren’t properly functioning.


Sidewalks are the connectors between people and places. Having beautiful, functional, durable, safe, and cost-effective sidewalks are an important component to every site, whether new or existing.

Landecor can help you ensure your site provides safe and functional access to buildings, parks, or other structures with a variety of sidewalk options.

When you’re looking at how to best move people on your property, check out the Landecor sidewalk services.


Landecor provides structural and decorative masonry services across a wide range of commercial construction and landscaping needs, including stone, brick, concrete, and block masonry options.

We ensure the highest quality masonry structures through rigorous training, quality materials, hands-on site management, and by paying attention to the details others may miss.


Deliver the best in functional and great looking property security, personal safety, and perimeter access control with one of Landecor’s fencing options.

Whether it is a new project or upgrade of existing fencing, Landecor has the solutions and services you’re looking for.


Playgrounds play an important role in community development and property enjoyment. Having a well designed, functional, and safe playground environment adds value to sites and property.

Landecor loves creating creative and expressive play places for people—whether in residential communities, municipal properties,schools, childcare centers, churches, or common HOA play places.

Turfgrass Excellence

Turf integrity requires attentiveness and care at every step of a project or property maintenance. It’s important have consistent and predictable attention to detail that ensures that your turfgrass looks it’s best no matter the season of the year.

Landecor is a leader in great looking, high-performance turfgrass!

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